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About Us

Blake Carpet Cleaning is located in San Diego, CA and was founded by Senior Carpet Inspector and Master Cleaner Frank Blake in the early 1970's. Frank started the business as a owner-operated commercial cleaning service that specialized in cleaning doctor's offices and assisted living care centers in La Mesa, CA. When he is not cleaning, Frank spends his time outside camping, rafting and horseback riding.

Frank quickly realized that floor cleaning was his passion. Due to the sensitive nature of the environments he was cleaning, he also realized how important using safe cleaning chemicals and proper cleaning techniques really was. He was one of the first carpet cleaners in San Diego to perfect the truck-mounted, hot steam extraction process and provide extraordinary cleaning results to his, now large, residential clientele.

Eco-Friendly Practices

Concerned with the environment and human safety, Frank started insisting on cleaning products that would not only be safe for his clients, but also have no negative impact on the environment. At the same time, he still needed cleaners that would provide the highest level of cleaning results his customers had come to expect. 30 years ago there were simply no cleaning products readily available that did not contain soap, or detergents with formaldehyde and lye.

All that changed when Frank met a young entrepreneur by the name of Ivan Day. Ivan’s chemical manufacturing company was developing a revolutionary new cleaning agent, later named PROCYON, that was soap free, non-toxic and completely safe for human health and the environment.


This amazing new cleaner produced the best cleaning results Frank had ever experienced, because it left behind no residue. Ivan allowed Frank to be the first private distributor of PROCYON in San Diego over 25 years ago. Soap-free PROCYON would later go on to win the Green Seal of Approval as one of the first flooring and fabric cleaning products to be environmentally friendly and safe for human health. Over the years, Frank was called upon to test many new cleaning agents coming into the market made by many different cleaning manufacturers, but he always found himself switching back to using PROCYON for its obvious benefits.

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